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Our thoughts are all here in Black and White…

Cut the game of golf open and at it’s very core you will find a fresh packet of white wooden tees waiting for you, the ultimate traditional golfing staple.

A new sleeve of balls nicely marked up. These small white torpedos, each decorated with your own favourite meaningful mark, have such potential. They could go on to produce a hole-in-one or your course record…
or they could end up in the woods!

Today we bring you a new core staple for the Druh family, the new Druh Matte Black Collection. A step away from tradition, these three contemporary buckle designs created in nickel free, jewellery standard, water plated matte black. Each one perfectly offsetting any belt choice from our Druh Collection.

Every hand made designer golf belt in our collection comes with a free buckle too, for on and off course with ease.